Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Dump

There are elves in our house!

We got many of the Christmas decorations out this week, and even put some up around the house. The Nativity scenes are set out in various places. I'm up to 7 of them now.
My girls absconded with the tree skirt shortly after it was brought out. The theme for Awanas last Wednesday was wacky tacky, and so my younger girl wore the tree skirt as as ... well, as a skirt. It was very cute actually, not really tacky, but a little wacky. So it has been in use the rest of the week.

Two of the girls started basketball practice this week also. I am so thankful, beyond words thankful, that they both practice on the same day, at the same time, at the same place. Amen!

Little sister wanted to come along with me to practice. She actually had a fun time playing on the bleachers. Here she is looking out to the courts from one of the walkways.

And I have been attempting to come up with our family Christmas letter this week. I went through the photos of the year, and I couldn't find any really good ones of us all together. There were some good photos of us without Dad. Some without Me. Some without the Boy. So I slung orders and got the crew gathered on the couch tonight.
Here's what we get when we are testing out the camera.

And some more.

And we finally, eventually, got a family photo that is going to be good enough - not perfect, because I am in no way a perfectionist - to use in our Christmas letter.

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