Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Running in Lights

I really want to go run in the dark. The beautiful twinkling Christmas lights shimmering from the houses beckons me.
Last year I ran a 5k in December that was at night. We ran through a neighborhood where many of the houses were decorated. It was a clear-ish, cold night, and the rain held off while we ran (this is Oregon, so it did mist a tiny bit). But the same run this year is being held on a day I can't make it, plus they are running it at 4:30 when it is hardly even dark enough to enjoy the lights.
I'm just going to have to convince the kids and the husband that we should do our own family run through the surrounding neighborhoods, in the dark.

I did make it 3 miles today. Haven't run that far in quite awhile. When training the kids for the Thanksgiving 5k we only went 2 miles at most, and that wasn't really a run for me, more of an enjoyable jog. So I pushed myself to go my full 3 mile loop. And even though I did it in a time that was decent enough for me, I felt like I was working at it. It wasn't the easy run it used to be back in the summertime. I guess I've got some ground to cover before I start training again for the half-marathon in the spring. And maybe a full 26.2 this next summer.

At the same time, last year: progress

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