Tuesday, December 18, 2012


So, one more week until Christmas. Are you ready?
Yeah, I'm about halfway there. I've got the gifts - or the makings of - for extended family members. But I don't have anything for most of my kids yet. Little K. is taken care of! She was the easiest this year, even though she doesn't really need more toys!
The decorations are up, the tree is lit and pretty. G put strings of lights out on the house.
The Christmas letter is drafted, and in process of being printed. I might even get it out before the Big day. And I got my Christmas haircut.
What? You don't get one of those? How can you show your face around town without your Christmas haircut!? (just kiddin') I did get my hair done today. It needed a cut, and I finally gave in and had it colored. Just highlights, but still, a first for me. Way back years ago, my husband colored my hair with a box kit, but that was the one and only time (and once was enough!). So I plunged in and had a pro do my hair, and wow, I am so glad I did! Rumor has it my grandmother never colored her hair in her 93 years. I don't think my mom or sisters have either ...
So now we can have Christmas. Once I get the rest of the goods and letter done.

Same time, last year: Weekend

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