Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the week

It has been a week since I last went for a run. I've walked, I've shopped! I've cleaned and scrubbed for exercise; but it isn't the same, and my body wants to run. I just haven't found the time! The days are shorter on both ends now, dark mornings, and dark afternoon/evenings are not conducive at this point to luring me out the door. I don't relish running in the rain, but I would if it was a light mist. So trying to find the time for a run in between all that has been, well, non-existent right now.
 I've got the presents wrapped (finally), except for a couple of them I am making for my nieces. We just finished up with school this week, although I still need to grade the last day's work. My boss, ie. the principal of this academy, aka. my husband, asked me, "Is this a normal day?" when he saw school starting around 10 am or 11 am or 1.30 pm - depending on which day it was this week.
We've not been home as much this week; I'm still trying to figure out why. Volunteer work, shopping for gifts, and other errands, seems to have cut in on our schooling hours in the mornings. I'm looking forward to a day at home tomorrow, all day long. How could this be? It IS a Saturday, and certain family members are talking of a trip to the farm for wood and vegetables. But, I have a reason to stay home, even though it isn't a very nice pretty reason. Let me give you a little background.
The girls sang out in public today. The kids choir at church was invited to sing in a public venue, and two of my girls even had a special part in the songs. So G. came along with us to listen (and I am SO thankful he did!) All was going well, until I noticed my oldest was sitting down, and looked a little pale. I watched her the rest of the time, worried that she might faint. And then, my other girl got sick. All over those around her. It was quite a shock to everyone, I must say. It wasn't quite how we wanted to close the show. We got the kids cleaned up and hustled them home and into their pjs. By then, Miss Throw up was fine. No fever, no stomach-ache, and she was hungry! But the other girl, the one who had sat down, she did have a fever! and thankfully did not throw up. So, I can stay home tomorrow and take care of my sickies, and pray that we are all healthy before Christmas! And maybe I will get a run in before then.

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  1. Oh no! I'm with you on the lack of runs and two sick lil guys over here too! Stomach bug hit us for the first time :/ everything packed ready to go! Now waiting and praying for quick healing! I'll pray for healing for your family too!