Friday, December 28, 2012

Slow Down

The holiday was busy this year. Even though I made a point of not stressing out, I still did.
I didn't send cards out on time, but am doing a little every day this week. So, my blog posts suffered, but I'm back to share how our Christmas went.
In installments,
Because all at once might put you to sleep.
So on the 23rd, even though one child had a cold, we went caroling. Oh My Word, that was fun! We joined a group from church and went to a local grocery store to sing. It was kind of like a flash mob, only the manager knew we were coming. It was so cool.
We moved on from there to a retirement home and sang to the residents. This was my favorite part. The smiles on their faces when we sang; some sang along with us; I fought back tears as I watched man feed his wife every bite. Afterwards we talked with the residents, handing out candy canes. They seemed to enjoy the kids the most, although there were plenty of smiles at the adult singers.
At the next retirement home, a lady gave my daughter a spontaneous hug; I think it touched my girl in her heart just as much as the grandma.
We went around to some houses in a neighborhood after that, but it was the glow of singing to the older people that kept us warm as we walked and sang. Later my girl said, "That was fun!" and her sister added, "Can we do some more?!"
We went out thinking it would just be a fun time, but we were touched in our hearts by the appreciation we felt from those we sang to.

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