Sunday, December 16, 2012

End of the week

 Pre-Holiday weekend
This girl got her braces off and is waiting for the retainer coming next week. I think it's safe to say she is thrilled to be able to eat popcorn again, and caramels, and gum.
 I think those might show up on her wish list for Christmas.
On Friday evening G and the Boy went to see The Hobbit movie. So the girls and I watched a movie at home and had craft time with my sister. We made ornaments. I got to color! That can be SO relaxing! And we used glitter-glue. Normally I hate glitter glue. When I taught 5 year old's, or 3 year old's at church, I was that teacher who hid the glitter-glue when it was craft time. But this time around, I kind of had fun with it. Maybe because I had older children and not as much chance of a mess. Although when Little K got a hold of the glitter glue tube ... I started twitching.
Ice cream was involved. As it should be.

And this weekend the girls had their choir performances. They have been working on these songs since September, in their church choir group. One of the girls had a solo part, and I must say, she nailed it. But try and take a pretty picture of my pretty girls ...

and they have to put their own spin on the pose.
And then little sis comes in to join the fun.
I won't add in the Boy's photo - the one where he is wearing the I'm Forced To Be Here face. I'm sure you can imagine that yourself.
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