Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve

When I was a kid, Christmas Eve was a magical day, full of anticipation, and occasionally snowy fun. As an adult, and mom, it's just not quite the same. I was still fixing up presents and writing out cards this year on Christmas Eve.
I had it in my mind to paint candles for a gift. But my attempts, my rough drafts, turned out horribly. So I knew that wouldn't work. Then my husband suggested melting them down and making a candle. So we did some Internet research and tried it.
Using an old pot, some chop sticks, and (thankfully it was in the cupboard!) wicks, we tried our hand at candle-making. I wouldn't have made it too far in the pioneer days if my life depended on candles. We would have been the family in the dark. Thankfully, again, my husband came to my rescue.
He actually got into the 'craft' more than I did, trying different colors, and forms.
We melted a bunch of wax and crayons to make colors.
The kids were in charge of peeling the crayon paper.
 That was the first attempt. It got better as the afternoon progressed. But we were on a time crunch too. Church was at 5 pm, and then we had our traditional chili dinner and presents to open afterwards. So we had to get the candles done. But the ones we did finish ... weren't quite up to the giving-as-gifts-mark that we wanted.
So we went with the gift card idea instead. Maybe we'll master candle making by next year.
Meanwhile. as G was melting wax, I was in the other corner of the kitchen making ornaments. Last year I used sheet music and hot glue to make some. This year it was scrabble tiles and hot glue. I loved this craft! Super easy and super fun to make.
We had our Christmas upstairs this year. A first!! The tree looked so good in the upstairs window, plus it kept the mess out of the family room downstairs.
And we got to enjoy the new soft carpet some more.

Merry Christmas to all. (a few days late)
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