Saturday, December 15, 2012


I saw this on another blog I read and it sums up much of what I am feeling. I couldn't even make it through saying grace at supper tonight. My Christmas is most likely going to be very special, and yet my heart hurts, really hurts for the people who are facing a very painful holiday.
As I was praying last night for those families, others were brought to mind: The emergency responders, those who had to go into the school and take care of the bodies; those who have to perform the funerals; those who have to deal with the paperwork and details that death brings; those who have to clean up the school building before the children return. Please remember to pray for them too.


  1. what a beautiful picture. a crying angel. this picture says what words can not. i have no words. i can only pray with tears for all those affected by this tragedy. it breaks my heart :(

  2. yes, pray.for all those mentioned above, for others to find the loving arms of Christ, to believe in God's Love so evil can be defeated and we have no more tragedies such as this.