Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Garage

I cleaned the garage today!
It was an immense task, carried out over months actually. Ever since we took down the For Sale sign, and started plans for remodeling, the task of unearthing items we have packed away has fallen to me. Mainly since I packed it all and the kids are more adept at opening boxes and leaving.
So I called in my troops (my mom!) and got to work this morning.
Actually the real reason for cleaning up the mess of boxes and ... stuff... was because my second refrigerator was not working! I had unplugged it - to get to it "later" and this month is finally "later"; mainly because Thanksgiving is coming and I can't get everything ready over a few weeks without somewhere to store the food. (7 mouths to feed and holiday fixin's and a 2nd refrig is quite handy.)
Surprises in the refrigerator! Little mice droppings and nesting. Ick. I don't know which was worse, mouse evidence or moldy refrigerator shelves. Gloves, bleach and a shop-vac were my helpers also. A few items were donated to the Mission, bicycle tires were pumped up, basketballs were sorted, and refrigerator cleaned; I am hoping now that it will work well again, and I can buy more than 2 jugs of milk at a time!

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